At least… that’s the rule.

It’s a stupid rule.

What do you think?


14 Responses to “HNT – Late. Women over 35 shouldn’t wear miniskirts.”

  1. lecram

    as APJ would say… rules schmules. Hey, that came out good. Cheers and Happy HNT!

  2. osbasso

    If you look that good in a mini, then I say rules be damned!

  3. Steph

    CERTAIN women.

    Those rules do not apply to MILFs.

  4. Katie

    you love are exempt
    and I demand you waer them more.. :)

  5. kamotion

    I’m with Lecram and APJ…rules schmules….

  6. lapis ruber

    Age doesn’t matter, if you feel good in it, wear it. And if that’s you in the photo, you look great in it too. Happy HNT (belated)

  7. Amorous Rocker

    I think that is a very bad rule. You look fantastic and this picture is so sexy. Happy late HNT. Have a good weekend!

  8. carnage6669


  9. Solitaire

    LOL… ah so this is where the pic came from…

    you’re hot honey!!! where what makes you feel good!

  10. richard

    No mini’s for those who don’t wanna look sexy or ever get LAID again! F**K THOSE rules! You’re SMOKIN’, Baby! Jump up on Little Richard! xoxoxo

  11. naughty

    If I had gams like that…. rules are for suckers.

  12. APj

    stupid rule.
    probably written by the same guy who said we shouldn’t wear red boots….

    :) ))

  13. Tread

    I know women over 40 that can still pull off wearing a tasteful mini…if you got it FLUANT it…

  14. Tread

    BTW you look very HOT!!!

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