David Letterman vs. Sarah Palin

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Letterman is a douche bag. Or, at least, he’s a moron that doesn’t preview the jokes prepared by douchebag writers. He’s consistently crotchety, cranky, rude, crass, and not at all respectful toward women. But he doesn’t need to lose his job over it.

Sarah Palin needs to learn to be ABOVE this kind of inflammatory nonsense. A simple, “I am disappointed that such a well-known funny man would so recklessly risk being identified as finding statutory rape and abuse of a teen as a source of comedy. It is not funny, nor is open misogyny.” would suffice.

And that should be that.

But instead, we have calls for his being fired.

That’s like insisting that a private citizen who donated to the Prop 8 campaign be fired from his job because of his personal moral beliefs. Just because someone believes and supports something others don’t agree with does NOT mean they should lose a job over it unless it is directly interfering with that person’s ability to perform job duties.

David Letterman is sometimes amusing, sometimes not. I don’t find it funny when a person disparages a woman for being a woman. Sarah Palin is not everyone’s favorite political figure. There are folks who didn’t vote for McCain simply because they didn’t like HER, even though they were ok with him. So America has already shown its preference.

This is what makes her an easy target for hack writers who can’t find anything better to make jokes about. So what if she was in New York? Why call attention to it? Because you need attention to make a showing against a competing network late night talk show that’s got new and interesting things going on. It’s just a cheap shot.

That’s ALL late night talk show jokes are about. They’re cheap shots. Some are just classier about it than others.

So let’s treat it like that’s what it is. Express disappointment. Boycott advertisers if you wish. I unknowingly boycott 99% of those advertisers because I’m jobless, can’t pay my bills as they are, and have no money to not support them with ANYway. I have far bigger things to worry about than David Letterman behaving rudely.

Don’t say the man should be fired. Just let him be the same crass-tastic jerk he’s always been on television.

And leave Sarah Palin out of the news. For heaven’s sake. Let the woman go see a ball game with her family if she wants! If she starts running for office again… then she’s fair game, and knows that’s the price you pay for being in the public eye. Until then, let her quietly be the middle class governor of Alaska who is NOT our current vice president.

Alaskans might care about her antics in New York, but really… the rest of us don’t. And she’s not funny. Her young daughters are not funny. And no, she does NOT look like a slutty stewardess, no matter how much you might LIKE her to be one in your fantasies.

Which brings me to another point. I could write pages and pages on the way women who have run for political office are portrayed. Chicks on all sides of the political spectrum are portrayed alternately as cold-hearted, bitchy, and sexless, or brainless, slutty and irrelevant; none of which ANY of the women who have made it to ANY political office are. There is no happy medium for a woman. If you prove efficient and determined, you’re a calculating bitch. Yet if you show you have a heart and feelings, you’re too emotional. If you exhibit a sense of personal style and grooming, you’re slutty or trying too hard, or calling undue attention to your femininity when you should be paying attention to the issues at hand. But if you don’t make an attempt at being attractive, then you’re not a real woman, and you’re clearly too cold and heartless to be a good person.

You can’t win, ladies. And you have to be FAR stronger than any man to soldier on.

And God forbid you have a family. If you do, expect them to be dragged into the muck right along with you.

No, the only woman who stands a chance in the world of governance is a woman who HAS demonstrated that she has a heart, but has clearly sacrificed all for her public alone, and no longer has personal impediments to distract her from caring for the public and the job at hand. She must have been human, but have moved on to a saintly aloofness. She must be visibly touched, but remain untouchable. Jibes at her personal life or her past must be utterly beyond her concern, while she is only openly concerned about others, and their plight. And it ALL has to be utterly honest and genuine. The public can smell insincerity from across the globe.

The woman who would be a public servant must truly sacrifice herself entirely in service to the public. No man ever has to sacrifice as much to hold office as a woman does. And I honestly think THIS is why we still have not had a woman president. No woman can be both sexless and sexy, cold and warm-hearted, innocent and beyond reproach, yet knowledgeable and savvy all at once. If she is appreciated for her femininity, she is not completely respected as a leader. If she is respected as a leader, she is not completely appreciated as a woman. Our society demands that women be either one or the other entirely, and still can not handle the fact that many (most) women have the innate capacity for all of these things combined.

I’m not saying it’s right. I’m just saying that’s the way it is, even in our so-called modern and enlightened society.

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    Well said!

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