So I’m not Lost…

Posted August 21st, 2009 by admin

Years have gone by, and many folks are still enamored of this television phenomenon called “Lost”.

I never watched it. It didn’t seem like something I would really be into. But many have found it to be a source of great dramatic entertainment. Rehearsals were cut short so the latest installment would not be missed. Discussions of it were couched in tones of awe and wonder. I was never quite curious enough, and besides, I don’t like to watch things when I haven’t seen the beginning.

Finally, season 1 is available to watch instantly on Netflix. I decided to see what all the flap is about.

Apparently, nothing.

I’ve watched episode 1. It made me laugh. But I’m giving it a chance. Episode 2 is running, and it’s not giving me much, either.

It’s just like when I read a book. If it doesn’t grab me within a few pages, odds are that I won’t finish it.

Lost has only a few more pages to go to grab me.

Why am I not seeing what so many other people seem to see?

One response to “So I’m not Lost…”

  1. Katie

    I couldn’t get into it either…..

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