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(I’ll bet this guy would agree with me…)

I was originally going to post the following as a comment on this post in the Fresno Beehive, but it got too long, so decided to sound off here in my private corner.

Mother Earth dying…

Um. Not really.

She goes through cooling and warming trends over the millenia, and what’s happening now is no different than what has been happening for millions of years.

When there weren’t as many people on the rock with all their huge cities and instant communications, these sorts of things weren’t globally noticed. But now we know instantly when there’s tidal surge on the other side of the world. This stuff happens.

Then Algore finishes “inventing the internet”, and decides to invent a new emotional global crisis as well. And gets awards he doesn’t deserve for something that isn’t accurate, when other people who have contributed far more to humankind (especially in peace AND entertainment) than he has are ignored.

And then people run around screaming “the sky is falling, the sky is falling”, and see portents of doom in natural climate changes. Because Algore ghost wrote a book and made a movie.

Mother Earth is not dying. She’s just doing what she does. She’s moving air and water and earth all over herself as she always has, in response to lunar and solar influence. Because those heavenly bodies move in cycles as well.

The puny humans crawling all over the earth just have to learn to deal with it. Adapt. That’s what we did to get where we are. But suddenly, now, we think we can halt the inevitable, and natural, shift of climate, and keep the climate right where we want it to stay.

And THAT is a bad idea, one… because it wouldn’t be healthy for “mother earth” to do that, and two… because it won’t work anyway. (I’m not saying that gives us leave to toss our styrofoam cups in the ocean. Don’t get me wrong.) We’re better off making efforts to find ways to adapt to what HAS happened and IS happening, and finding ways to reduce our petroleum dependence for fuel. Petroleum has many other uses that can’t be ignored, but when we have viable alternatives for fuel, why are we not using them where it makes sense?

The earth will not die. Various species might; and if people don’t figure out how to live efficiently, the human species might, but the earth… it will still be here (provided we don’t blow it up because of the inability for world leaders to get their heads out of their collective asses and realize THE PEOPLE don’t give a shit about global dominance… we just want to be able to feed our kids, and enjoy our lives).

Earth will still be here, moving air and water and dirt all over itself.

Mother Earth is not dying. But people are. Let’s focus on the people, hey?

(For the record, I do not see the planet as a female entity. It’s a planet. A rock in space with stuff on it. The whole “she” thing is just a response to the title of the Beehive post.)


Thanks for the link to that, Steve.

And where, oh where, is MY Charlton Heston?

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