How long has it been since I’ve blogged?!

Posted January 17th, 2012 by admin

I don’t know. Don’t want to know. But here I am. Again.

Life certainly hasn’t slowed down.

I’m still bellydancing here and there, and part of the movement to get a local MECDA chapter up and running. We’re well on our way with that. There are a good number of local people ready for a thriving bellydance community here, and I think it will be a very good thing.

Still burlesquing. Just not as actively. It’s still fun, and fabulous. I just have to reignite my inspiration (and lose 30 pounds so I FEEL inspired).

I have a couple business ventures I’ve started. One is my own Lia Sophia business, helping people host jewelry parties in their homes, so THEY can get free jewelry and other awesome bonuses, while earning income myself. It’s a good fit. I like sparkly things. I like to share sparkly things with other people… Presenting to other people isn’t a problem, and I get to keep and wear all the jewelry I use as sample/display, so it’s all good. So what if it’s not fine jewelry? It’s still pretty.

I’m also dabbling in a Visalus business, more to use the product than anything, but my parents have been doing it, and they’ve both lost weight and had improved blood sugar levels! (They both have diabetes.)

Still Suicide Lounge-ing here and there, and it’s still fun. We keep adding new material every so often, so it never gets stale.

The rest of life is… life. Mostly frustrating, sometimes exhilarating, nearly always interesting. (The old curse “may you live in interesting times” comes to mind.) I could still use a job and a steady income. Not necessarily in that order. I do keep busy.

Maybe I’ll update here more often. Talk about new things I’ve tried recently, etc…

OH! Speaking of which… I got a new toy! It’s not a big deal, but I like this sort of thing. Intuit gave me a credit card reader that I can use with my iphone and Intuit’s GoPayment app… so when I’m getting paid for a gig, or getting paid for some costume-y thing I’m selling, I can tell people that I accept credit cards. Just swipe it through the reader, input the dollar amount, have them sign the touch screen and we’re done. If you have a smart phone, you can get one too. They send it to you for free, and it’s a small transaction percentage, but totally worth it to me, for the convenience. Just go to the Intuit site to read more about it.

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