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I… got the flu. Four days ago I felt like a human. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday… not so much. Still, I made “the effort” yesterday, Christmas Eve, to get out, and ran a few errands with lecram. That’s when I got to see Stalker Claus… And he really is Stalker Claus, because I turned around, [...]

Not much of worth to say today. I seem to have a caught a tickle in my throat that has decided to move on to becoming a bit of a cold. I’m coughing and sucking on lozenges. I’m not feeling chatty or verbose, so I’ll just offer random comments here and there as I share [...]

Valentines Year Round

December 22nd, 2007

The last of the winter holiday edition. Here are the rest of the Christmas themed greetings. With kind Remembrance for christmas and the New Year Reta Margaret Kimball We wish you both in rhyme and reason, The joys of all this festive season. that Christmas joy and Christmas pleasure, Come to you in goodly measure. [...]

HNT – Three Wishes, huh?

December 20th, 2007

So… I come up with three wishes for three HNT bloggers? Is that it? I think that’s what this says: # YOU will pick 3 fellow HNT/bloggers. # YOU will choose ones that you aren’t necessarily close to, since you’ll probably be doing separate Christmas wishes for them anyway. So Phain won’t pick Fame, Betcha [...]

Valentines Year Round

December 15th, 2007

The holiday season version. Cover: Christmas Greetings First page: To Glen Hanneman From Otto Herman Fred and Ernest Neff Interior: Merry Christmas. If all the things I wish for you, If all the Christmas gifts, could be Placed side by side in one long line, They’d pave the way ‘twixt you and me!

Valentines Year Round

December 8th, 2007

The Holiday Season version. With loads of Good Wishes For Your Christmas Fresno Cal Dec. 20, ’20 “Hol!Ho, Ha.” Old Jolly Santa – Claus wants to see you all at Grand Pa’s Kissling house on Christmas Eve. Yours Truly. Santa sent Granddad a post card! How festive and fun!

is to think of as many songs as you can that have lyrics that contain the word “joy” in them. Why? Because… well, my name is Joy. And it’s that time of year… where everywhere I go I see my name screaming at me from store windows, billboards, church signs, and junk mail, and… at [...]

me… to the world.

December 2nd, 2007


Valentines Year Round

December 1st, 2007

I know. They’re not valentines over these few weeks. Still… for the sake of continuity and categorizing, these posts remain titled so… after all, they all came from the same red tin box that once housed a Hostess House Fruit Cake. I wish I knew who this was from. Still, here’s the letter. Dear ones [...]

Valentines Year Round

November 24th, 2007

Check out the 1927 seal on the envelope. They had them back then, even. And a one cent stamp to mail it! The post mark is Christmas Eve. Check out the address. Just the recipient’s name, and the town. I also had to add in a scan of the interior of the envelope. Pretty, no? [...]