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HNT – Favorite of 2008

January 1st, 2009

I’m going to cheat. I don’t have a favorite HNT of my very own. They’re all somewhat different. Instead, here’s a link to all my HNTs on this blog. I do have to admit I’m somewhat partial to the one of the drawing. Taking on art modeling this year was a brave new thing for [...]

No. Not this kind. Thanks. Already got this kind. So, not only am I unemployed and apparently unemployable, even by temp agencies… Now, apparently, my old, ugly, decidedly uninteresting car is worthy of breaking into. 6 a.m. My doorbell is buzzing. It’s my nice neighbor come to tell me she found the back passenger seat [...]

I met one of my neighbors on my porch today… At first I thought we weren’t going to be friends… But then, when I went downstairs, my attention was requested… And we had happy fun scratchy time together, oh… it was bliss… And that’s when I met Satan… Apparently it was just a little too [...]

HNT – Shoegasm

July 10th, 2008

I picked these up at a consignment store a while back, along with several OTHER pairs of pretty foot coverings. Apparently there’s some woman out there with the same size foot as me who buys gorgeous shoes, wears them once or twice, or never wears them, then decides to take them to the consignment store. [...]

HNT – A model citizen

June 11th, 2008

I started sitting for life drawing sessions and workshops. And I’m finding it rewarding. Not just because I get paid to sit still for a few hours. It’s really fun for me to get up between poses and see what each of the artists is doing. It’s always so interesting to see what each person’s [...]

HNT – A wedding edition

June 4th, 2008

*I* got to go to a wedding last Saturday. It was the wedding of these two bloggers. Aaaaand… since they successfully completed the gauntlet of planning, organizing, and surviving ceremony, reception, and groovin’ concert party… they’re taking some well-deserved time to get-the-hell-out-of-Dodge and enjoy a honeymoon. Hence… They will NOT HNT this week. But, hey. [...]

You can’t tell, can you? Me… hiding… among the tiki wine gods… Of course, there were empty cups. SOMEone was supposed to join us for the ritual burning of meat, a low-key homage to the impending un-bachelorness of a longtime bachelor. But called and cancelled. So we burned meat and sacrificed the green fairy and [...]

Because I don’t have time to take NEW photos. If I did, I might have taken a photo of my orangey stained hands. (I just henna’d my hair today, and had run out of plastic gloves, but didn’t discover that until it was prepared and ready to be slopped on my hair. So… orange hands.) [...]

HNT – How I feel.

April 17th, 2008

A poem I wrote nearly ten years ago, but it is still valid and true: -Masonry and the Wall- Trust is pain. Affection…affliction. Naught to gain from human addiction. Never assume one may be exempt from familiarity breeding contempt. One short word makes an end. Venom heard destroys a friend. How true the phrase that [...]

At least… that’s the rule. It’s a stupid rule. What do you think?