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Early in the mornin’ I can’t do rightHad a little fight with my baby last nightAnd it’s early in the mornin’Don’t you know it’s early in the mornin’ Early in the morningI ain’t got nothin’ No, nothin’ but the blues I went to your girlfriend’s house but she was outI knocked on your daddy’s door [...]

Good stuff.

April 16th, 2007

(First release—Jesse Fuller) Well I don’t know why I love you like I doNobody in the world can get along with you.You got the ways of a devil sleeping in a lion’s denI come home last night you wouldn’t even let me in. Well sometimes you’re as sweet as anybody want to beWhen you get [...]

Arthur johnson / sam coslow My old flameI cant even think of his nameBut its funny now and thenHow my thoughts go flashing back againTo my old flameMy old flameMy new lovers all seem so tameFor I havent met a gent So innocent or elegantAs my old flame Ive met so many menWith fascinating waysA [...]

I don’t have her voice, though… Still, I really like this one. (Dixon, sp.:)I went out to the insane asylumAnd I found my baby out thereI said please come back to me darlin’What in the world are you doin’ here?Then the little girl raised up her headTears was streamin’ down from her eyesAnd these are [...]

You’ve Changed

April 16th, 2007


April 16th, 2007