Support the starving Joy

You can help keep me from starving, with a roof over my head. You can. Look!
Click the button and send money. I’ll pay bills with it. I promise. I’m not a crack addict. (The things I’m addicted to don’t cost money, just my soul everlasting.)

Visit my online garage sale and buy something.

Don’t forget to check Facebook Events for Suicide Lounge, Valley Burlesque Society, and Joy – Bellydancer for opportunities to come support me.

Also, please check out the Events page at Full Circle Brewery. I’m usually either working the door or behind the bar, so stop by, have a brew, get entertained, and help me out all at the same time!

It’s that easy! Do it, and I might get to continue having a place to live, and maybe even some food… ALL because of you!